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  • Gearing up 4 Fall
    I think that one of the most exciting, yet – challenging times for a church is the fall season. Lately, I’ve noticed that even television stations are pumping up their “new fall lineup” in hopes to gather a crowd and to boost their ratings. Fall is a great time to offer up new ideas, new training, and a new perspective on how to do life together as a church. In fact, most research suggests that
  • Revolution takes just ONE
    Our newest member on our staff at WCC pointed out this pretty cool video that demonstrates that it only takes one to start a revolution. Question: Can you be that one for Jesus – no matter where God has you positioned in His plan? Go for it! Start dancing today ~
  • The Challenge of Being Plastic
    “Cleanliness becomes more important when godliness is unlikely.”P. J. O’Rourke Each of us face the daily challenge of living our lives to please Jesus. John explains it this way, “Those who claim to follow Jesus must walk as Jesus walked” (1 John 2:6). You talk about a tall order. Even Apostle Paul, in Romans 7, admitted that the day to day challenge of walking in Christ’s steps can be
  • Newest Staff Member @ WCC – Joel Nelson
    I am so amped to have another member on our great staff at WCC. Joel Nelson and I have a bit of history together. Years ago we were neighbors together at Bethel Seminary (let me stress… years ago). Later in life (years after seminary) we both went on to start new churches – in separate parts of the Twin Cities. After this, our paths crossed again on a Leadership event in Ukraine. We were
  • Let’s face it. Those lines do not look straight do they? Be honest. You’re eyes are being fooled.I’m really jazzed about our new series at Willowbrook called, iLLUSION. A while back I started having some thoughts about the art of deception and how so many of us can be fooled or tricked by enticing scams in magazines or on television. It’s as if our hearts has this special place in it that truly
  • Take a Break. Why Not?
    I love personal challenges. And one of the challenges that I recently committed to was to take a one month break from my blog entries. Why? Well -a relative of mine shared with me that in order to keep things fresh in his life, he discovered that each passion or obsession needed a resting point. Just as the body needs rest for the new day ahead, so our dreams and passions do as well. In doing so
  • A little sunshine on a Rainy Lake
    This past week I got the rare opportunity to get away and refuel my engines by doing something I truly love to do – fish. Fishing can take my mind to different places and it allows me to experience the beauty of God’s creation. After a five hour drive into Canada, Rainy Lake produced some great fellowship along with some big fish!
  • I always come away with…
    This Sunday after church I got the privilege to do a little “exit greeting” as people left our 10:00 service. I love exit greeting because it gives me the opportunity to mix and mingle with just about everybody (young and old – first time guest and veterans). But I also must add that exit greeting (for me) does come with some elements of risk. For example, several years ago an elderly lady did
  • I am committed to improving
    I believe that one of the essential for leadership growth is an attitude that expresses, “I am committed to improving.” When it comes to a great marriage, people just don’t accidentally fall into a good marriage. Instead, all great marriages have a common denominator – they are committed to improving their skills, and they seek out the best resources to allow it to happen. At our church I oversee
  • Those Lovely Patterns
    I was reminded this week, as I performed a child dedication at our church, how important the role of a parent is when it comes to spiritual development for their son or daughter. My mind went back to Sesame Street and the familiar song, “One of these thing just doesn’t belong here.” Remember that crazy game? The idea behind this particular lesson was for the child (watching from his or her
  • “I think that’s exactly what you do.”
    I was so moved by this homemade video by Francis Chan, Pastor of Cornerstone Church in California. What do our sons and daughters see in us as both dad and pastor? Certainly, our children do watch us closesly – and as you will see, do a pretty darn good job of imitating us as well!
  • Quit Stewing and Start Doing
    Do you have a bad bout of the grumbles? Are you finding yourself a bit cynical towards life? Is it effecting your every day decisions and how you approach others? If you’re human, you’ve probably gone through seasons of life in which your complaint switch is on. You might be in that season right now. To make matters worse, you turn in your Bible for help and your eyes glance down on this verse,
  • Animal lover? This dog story will preach…
    Every so often a bizarre story grabs my attention. Such is the case for this story about a plucky pooch that was separated from her owners when she fell overboard in choppy waters, but swam five miles to an island, surviving on a diet of wild goats for four months until miraculously being reunited with her family.“She surprised us all,” ecstatic owner Jan Griffith told the National Australian
  • Nice Coffee Surprise by Wife
    My lovely wife (Terri) came through with a fun surprise the other day. Take a look:
  • The Health of Your Pastor
    Just this past week I received (via email) an annual survey about my spiritual health as it pertains to being a pastor. The organization collecting this information is, Converge Worldwide (http://www.scene3.org/). And so I took a moment to complete this brief survey and thought – why don’t I just open myself up to you all. What’s there to hide, right? In doing so, you’ll get a pretty good idea
  • I’ve Got YOU Covered
    Years ago a friend of mine invited me to first row seats (on the floor) of a Timberwolves game. This, of course, is when K-G was still playing for our Timber-puppies. When we arrived at the Target Center we went through a special side door and into a small room in which a distinguished man placed a special tag around our necks. These tags permitted us to be on main floor with the professional
  • Life can change in .6 seconds
    Real simple. Never give up. I think I watched this ten times in a row. I would be crushed if I played for the yellow team. I hope that a number of Youth Pastors were on hand and available for counseling. Ouch!Enjoy.
  • How Could You Miss It?
    Special thanks to, Pete Wilson, for getting this amazing clip to us.Have you guys seen this? It’s a clip of an experiment The Washington Post did with Joshua Bell, the world’s best violin player. They put him in a Washington DC Metro stop to work his musical magic. Would people stop and listen to the world’s best violin player who’s playing one of the world’s best violins (his violin was made in
  • People in our church like to KISS
    Okay…so now that I’ve got you here – let me explain.As some of you know, I get the awesome privilege each week of leading a very exciting and dynamic church. Creativity is like a drug for me. The more creative – the higher I fly. And yet one of the many errors that I made early on in my ministry was to think that if our church was to be successful in growth, we must be cute and clever to bring
  • Make it happen at home first…
    Okay…time for a test for us pastors and church entrepreneurs.If you were to ask your church board, “How would you measure my success in ministry?,” what number would they place next to your name? I think we could make a case that it would be close to a 10 – maybe 8 or 9. Let’s face it. We’re on fire. We’re turning out some awesome stuff. We’re impressing the crowds with some new themes
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