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 Current Version: SermonBase 1.2

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User’s Guide

SermonBase comes with an on-line User’s Guide, located from the Help menu.

1st Run Tutorial

When you first start SermonBase, it will take you through the “1st Run Tutorial” to orient you to the screen layouts.  If you wish to see that tutorial again, you can find it in the Preferences screen.  Just turn it on, and hit the “Go!” button.

Tutorial Buttons

Many of the buttons in SermonBase, come with quick explanations of what they do the first time you press them.   From Preferences you can turn these off, or reset them so that they start explaining again each time you click a button.


Printing from SermonBase

ANS: There are a number of ways to print from SermonBase, depending on your needs.

First, under the File menu, there is a Print and Print Setup option, which you can use for any screen.

It will basically just do a screen shot and print it, so it is a way of capturing what you see, but may not be formatted exactly the way you want.

The better option is to use the Reports menu.

Reports Menu has the following choices:

1. Reports Window
2. Reports Matrix
3. Drama/Video Report
4. Print this Page

Each of these have numerous options for you.

“Sermonate” is the primary command for printing out your Series and Messages.

Explore them all and find the best one for you.

If I purchase the local version, will there be an additional charge for the cloud version? How far away is this “cloud” version?  Should I wait on the “cloud” version before implementing?

ANS: Yes, working on the Cloud version now. It is still very, very beta, but you can take a look at it if you like. Enter this into your browser window:  https://n414.fmphost.com/fmi/webd#SermonBase

Is the Sermonbase license a yearly fee, lifetime license, or untill the next major version upgrade?

ANS: The license for SermonBase 1.3, which is the current version, is just $59 one time. Then SermonBase is yours to keep and use on your computer as long as you like. It is good for one machine.

Can both my assistant and I share the database?

ANS: Right now, SermonBase is a single user experience, so the only way for your assistant to update your records is directly on your machine. But we are currently working on SermonBase Cloud which will let you both access your sermons from anywhere.

I am searching for a system to file over 600 sermons and access them by topic, word search, verse, title, etc.  Does your software have this capability?

ANS: Yes, that is exactly what SermonBase is for.

I have Sermon Base installed on both a Macbook Pro and my windows desktop. How do I sync or import sermon series from my Macbook to my PC?

ANS: Typically, one would have to export from one file using, excel or CSV export, or FM file type. Then import the same into the other file. The reality is that SB was designed to be a one-file system for simplicity’s sake.But we are currently working on on-line version which will solve all of this.

I purchased Sermon Base awhile back. I had to buy a new laptop because my HP video card went out. Do I have to re-purchase or is there away to recover my original program.

ANS: Please email us your name and the original receipt, if available, so we can give you your code back so that you can use the program again.

I purchased a copy of Sermon Base in 2014, and have since lost the key code, I still have the download file, but it is the demo. Is it possible to retrieve the Key Code as I rebuilt my system and would like to reinstall the software.

ANS: Yes, that should be possible. Please email us which version of SB you are currently using and the email add you used to purchase the software.

When I use the software and print out what I have written I’m only getting about 2/3 of what I’m printing. Can you help me so I can get it all?

ANS:You will have better luck in printing if you use the specifically set up printing options from the Reports menu, rather than the Print command from the File menu. Choose the “Reports Window” from the Print menu. There is an option in there for “Print” which will auto set it to 80% so that you can fit it all on the page. Also the sizing percentage option is open so you can adjust it to whatever fits for your printer and paper.

Email Tech Support

If you still haven’t found the answer to your question after making use of the above resources, you may contact us via email at HighPower Resources from the Contact Us page.


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