Ministry Master Software

For tracking your people in ministry

PROBLEM:  Every pastor and church leader is looking for more workers and volunteers to fill the many positions needed in a church to help it to do ministry well. But the problem is that the same people keep signing up to do the work, while many others are never tapped for service. In most cases, truth be told, the church doesn’t even know how many positions it needs to fill, who is in all those positions, and more importantly, who is not; who is just sitting on the sidelines.

Now with Ministry Master, you can track, organize , and recruit people for ministry.

Ministry Master comes with the “GPS Module”:

  • G – Gifts
  • P – Positions
  • S – Skills

Gifts – track, count, organize every Spiritual Gift in your church!

  • Comes pre-installed with a complete list of Spiritual Gifts
  • Create, edit, delete and customize your own list of Spiritual Gifts
  • Identify your people by their Spiritual Gifts
  • Identify which positions need which Spiritual Gifts
  • Print up three different Gift Reports

Positions – track, count, organize every Position in your church!

  • Create, edit, delete and customize a complete list of every Position
  • Group each Position by Department
  • Identify skills needed for each task in the church
  • Identify the best spiritual gifts for each task in the church
  • Print up five different Position Reports

Skills – create, track, organize every Skill in your church!

  • Create, edit, delete and customize a complete list of Skills
  • Identify who has what Skills
  • Link necessary Skills with each Position
  • Print up three-different Skill Reports

I want to really thank you from the depth of my heart for the materials I have taken from your website they are of such great value to my ministry for the assistance I was looking for in my planning. Thank you once again for the great wisdom you have its my prayer that our living loving God continue to increase you in these wonderful work full of His wisdom. Thank you

~~ Bishop Jonathan Masamba
Christian Faith Church, Zimbabwe

I am currently using Ministry Master and am happy to recommend it to churches to keep track of people, their gifts, talents, and abilities in an effective way. Because it is constantly being upgraded, the features are always on the cutting edge of development. I highly recommend it.

~~ Robbie Boyd, Lead Pastor
First Baptist Church, Earth, Texas

Track every Person’s GPS: Gifts, Positions, Skills

  • Identify every Position in which someone is serving
  • Identify all the Skills each person has
  • Identify the Spiritual Gifts each person has
  • Print up six different People Reports

Create beautiful charts summarizing key facts about your church

  • Percentage of People involved in ministry
  • Percentage of Open vs. Filled Positions in your church

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Ministry Master is one of the easiest to navigate programs I have used and I have tried all the free ones and have even purchased a couple more. The information is precise and allows for a quick glance to see where the church can use help and if there is someone there already that fits the bill by gifts and abilities, also letting you know who might need follow up because they are not yet involved. 

– Kent Mitchell, Pastor, City of Refuge Christian Church, Cedar City, Utah

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