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If you are a pastor, we would like to give you a free piece of software for tracking your library.

“It is a very helpful resource a must have to all pastors.” — Pastor Sibalwa, Church of Christ, Kapiri Mposhi,  Zambia., C. Africa
I want to thank you for making [HighPower Library] available; it is a great help in keeping so many books in order at times I don’t even know what I have. Blessings! –Fernando Ruata,, Houston, TX

Thanks so much Dr. Bill!
I was in the process of creating a library for our small ministry and was creating a spreadsheet system.  This is so much better.
Many blessings and may God continue to increase you for providing such a wonderful tool
Prophetess Robbie Bible

HighPower Library is a very simple program that helps you keep track of all the books in your library. It is free to pastors, as our gift to thank you. Enjoy it, use it, share it with friends. HighPower Library will let you add an unlimited number of books, CD’s, articles, DVD’s, videos, anything you can list, you can record and track in this software. Here’s what you can do:

  • Add
  • Delete
  • Formview
  • Listview
  • Print in formview
  • Print in listview
  • Sort by Subject, Title, Author, Scripture, Location
  • Search by Subject, Title, Author, Scripture, Location
  • Import & Export
  • Available in both Mac & Windows format
  • No other software is needed


To get your free copy, you only need to complete the form which will register you for occasional “HighPower eNews” updates:

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