FamilyFaces Photo Directory SoftwareTM is an easy to use software that does one thing very well – It helps you to create & maintain a great looking photo church directory

Are you tired of all the hassle involved in bringing in an outside organization to create a photo directory for your church? Do you want to save your people from the high pressure sales to buy a whole suite of family photos?

FamilyFaces Photo Directory SoftwareTM lets you easily create your own Church Photo Directory!

  • Computer-based Family Photo Directory (Mac or PC)
  • No expensive printing of paper manuals
  • No high-pressures sales people trying to squeeze your families and little-old-ladies for more dollars for photos
  • No more outdated directories – updates can be immediately distributed
  • ADMIN & GUEST MODE – You can distribute your Directory in “Guest” (locked) mode, or you can allow your congregation to change and update contact and other information (“Admin” mode).


  • FULL Directory – Photo + Family Description + Contact Information
  • PHOTO Directory – Photo + Contact Information
  • MULTI-PICS Directory – 8 family pics per page (New in FF 1.4)
  • SIMPLE Directory – just Contact Information


down arrow STEP 1: Download the File
FREE DEMO ~~ Unlocked for up to 20 families ~~
Mac Windows Free
buy STEP 2: Buy the Code to unlock the File Mac Windows $39
Want to get a full version unlocked & free?
Just sign up to be a beta-tester for FamilyFaces Photo Directory Software TM .

Visit our User Guide Page for Help.

A Word from Dr. Bill:

HighPower Resources is here to help empower churches for growth & health. An important part of church health is being able to identify and get to know the people in your congregation. Fellowship & Community are key values for church health. This software will help your church with Fellowship. I believe this so much that I designedFamilyFaces Photo Directory SoftwareTM for the church where I currently serve, so that we could identify people. Our church numbers over 700 people and we are using this software to help us get to know people. I believe that you can too. — Dr. Bill.

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