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Power up your teaching gift!

Here’s how: A HighPower Sermon package includes all of the following tools to help you do a great job:

1. Complete Notes of the Message

Unlike some sites with very brief notes, HighPower Sermons have very complete notes to help you clearly teach the message. And HPR Sermons are practical, Biblical, and interesting!

2. PowerPoint Files

With HighPower Sermons you will get either a Rich Text File which is ready to be imported into PowerPoint, or you will get the actual PowerPoint file itself, ready to be used by you in your messages.

3. Fill-in-the-blank Notes

The HighPower Sermon package includes fill-in-the-blank notes to match the content of both your Message Notes, and your PPT file.

4. Audio File

In some cases, the HighPower Sermon package will also include a free copy of the actual message delivered. In this way, you can hear the sample sermon before using it in your own ministry context.

5.  Costs

Sermons are only $5, and include Complete Notes, PPT, Fill-in-the-Blank Notes, and sometimes Audio.

Sermon sets are even less per sermon.

  • You can search for sermons by Scripture here.
  • You can search for sermons by Topic here.
  • Or, you can enter whatever Topic or Scripture interests you, in the Search Box in the upper right of this screen.


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