Team Rafting




This 2-hour seminar will take your church leaders through the basics of understanding different personality types using something similar to the DiSC personality profile for teams.
Through an interactive format participants will discover their principle style of relating to others. They will learn how to understand and accept the differing personality styles which God has built into all of us.


The HighPower Team Building seminar emphasizes the BLEND model of team building.  BLEND is an acronym for Balanced Love Energizes Natural Diversity.  Every part of that unique phrase teaches an important truth for teams to understand.


  • Balanced Love – Biblical balanced love is love which speaks the truth in love (Eph. 4:15).
  • Energizes – when we operate in the supernatural way in which God created us, we are empowered to be who God made us to be, and to serve others and love others with enthusiasm and zeal.
  • Natural Diversity – the nature of team conflict is that people are different; these differences will cause conflict unless they are appreciated for the benefits and strengths that each person brings to the team.


Seminar Elements:

  • 2 hours of interactive teaching & exercises
  • DiSC Personal Style Survey & discussion











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