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Growing a Healthy Church

Growing a Healthy Church


Growing a Healthy Church seminars equip your leadership in seven priorities of a disciplemaking ministry as seen in Jesus’ ministry.  Together they form a balanced picture of the priorities of a healthy ministry.  Through lecture, video, small group interaction and a seminar workbook, you learn His priorities and how to own them in your church – regardless of the size, tradition or style of worship of your church.




Growing a Healthy Church Strategy

This seminar is 7 hours in length and gives an overview of Christ’s ministry.  Emphasis is placed upon how Jesus built a solid foundation for a movement of multiplying disciples.  Seven priorities are emphasized as we study the 3 1/2 year ministry of Jesus.


Why does our church exist? You’ll learn how to re-energize your church to focus on multiplication, not programs


What do we want to produce in our church? You’ll gain an understanding of how evangelism and discipleship move you beyond growth to multiplication.


How do we develop disciples in the local church? You’ll learn the process of ministering to the unchurched, new believers, workers and shepherds.


What activities make the discipling process work? You’ll study the winning, building and equipping balance that keeps you making disciples who make disciples, who make disciples.



By the time your participants are done they will have a biblical understanding of the ministry of the church. They will be able to understand the disciple making focus of Jesus’ ministry on earth, and they will be challenged with establishing the same sort of disciple making ministry in their local church.


The seminar is a tremendous eye-opening experience.


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