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Small Group Dynamics

This do-it-yourself seminar will teach you some amazing truths about the relational dynamics of small groups. This seminar will teach you, and then you can teach others.  Here is what you will learn:

The Four Major Aspects of Small Group Life

1.  Understand the Life Stages

  • The four stages of group life
  • What your group needs and expects at each life stage
  • Why you must carefully manage your group just a few weeks after starting
  • When is the best time in your group to pursue rapid spiritual growth of your members
  • How and why you might want to bring your group to an end

2.  Manage the Koinonia Scale

  • How to manage the tension between Intimacy and Outreach
  • How your goals as group leader differ from those of your group members
  • The three tools you can use to keep your group outward focused

3.  Use the Open Window

  • A simple tool to help you plan out the life of your group better
  • A way to involve everyone in the group in outreach
  • A way to help your group celebrate a group win

4.  Pray for the Empty Chair

  • A simple tool to be a New Testament style small group
  • When to use this tool, and when not to
  • The three legitimate reasons to keep a group closed

It includes both Teacher and a Student editions in .PDF or .pages or .doc  formats. The Student Editions include fill-in-the blank spots so that your learners can remain attentive as you teach them. There are also group discussion questions to engage your class in the learning process.

To download your Do-It-Yourself Small Group Dynamics Seminar, please click the link.

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