This one hour seminar will help you teach your people to pray in a powerful way. The response to this seminar was overwhelming, as it empowered people with hope, and good ideas, and neat tools to help them to become praying Christians.

This seminar is designed to start like a wading pool, with easy concepts, and then move deeply to more powerful techniques like how to pray for an hour. It covers key Scripture passages on prayer, great quotations, and good content.

In this seminar you will learn the answers to the following questions:

1. What is Prayer?

This section includes:

  • A Spiritual Heart Exam & a great & funny poem on prayer

2. How to Pray?

  • This section looks at the life & teachings of Jesus, some great quotations on prayer from the ages, and the life and example of Abraham, finishing with a discussion about God´s sovereignty and man´s prayer.

3. Why Would God Care to Listen?

  • This secion simply turns the tables to create an understanding of God´s great love for us.

4. How Can I Pray Better?

Here is where we get very practical. Topics include:

  • Top Five Hindrances to Prayer
  • Using the Lord´s Prayer as a Guide
  • How to Listen to God in Prayer

5. How Can I Extend My Prayer Life?

  • How to Spend an Hour in Prayer
  • Great Prayer Tools & Guides
  • A guided prayer list
  • A Prayer Bibliography


How to REALLY Pray!

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