Learning how to effectively coach is one of the greatest skills needed for effective discipleship. Too often discipleship efforts stall out because the person who is being ´discipled´ doesn´t own his/her own spiritual development. The ´discipler´ is trying their best, but that is the problem: they are doing all the work, and the disciplee is not. This coaching seminar will help you understand the purposes and goals of coach/mentoring discipleship:

This seminar has four lessons in it: View the free Student Notes
1. Coaching for Excellence – An Introduction Download
2. Coaching for Spiritual Development Download
3. Coaching – Getting Started Download
4. Coaching -Securing Commitment Download

The entire downloadable seminar includes:

  • Coaching Intro – Teacher Notes (.doc format)
  • Coaching Intro – Student Fill-in-the-blank Notes (.pdf or .doc format)
  • Coaching Intro – Presentation File (.ppt & .keynote)
  • Coaching for Spiritual Development – Teacher Notes (.doc format)
  • Coaching for Spiritual Development – Student Fill-inthe-blank Notes (.pdf & .doc format)
  • Coaching – Getting Started – Teacher Notes (.doc format)
  • Coaching – Getting Started – Student Fill-in-the-blank Notes (.doc and .pdf format)
  • Coaching – Securing Commitment – Teacher notes (.doc format)
  • Coaching – Securing Commitment – Student Fill-in-theblank Notes (.pdf & .doc format)

Cost: $25 for entire seminar in .zip file and the downloadable .pdf´s.





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