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Factoid: “Trouble is, most companies aren’t very good at leadership development. Look at all the companies that just lately have gone outside to find CEOs – Boeing, Hewlett-Packard twice, Sara Lee, 3M twice. The leadership pipeline is broken,” says Noel Tichy, a University of Michigan business school professor and former chief of GE’s Crotonville leadership development program. … To their credit, companies increasingly realized their pipelines is broken: In that survey from Right, 77% of companies say they don’t have enough successors to their current senior managers. Yet they have a miserable time doing much about it. The reason isn’t mysterious. At companies that are lousy at leadership development, they think it’s HR’s job. Successful companies know it’ s actually the job of all the managers. Those companies deeply believe that their real business is developing leaders. Leadership from the top is key. … “when a company says it’s getting serious about management development, I [Noel Tichy] say great – just let me see the CEO’s calendar.” Not many bosses will match the 70% of his time that Jack Welch says he put into development when he was running GE.


Source: (Colvin, G. “Rising Stars” p. 50. FORTUNE Magazine, February 6th, 2006. )


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