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“Deep Waters” – A Men’s Leadership Study in Nehemiah



The Book of Nehemiah is among a handful of Old Testament Historical books that few believers have ever read let alone spent some serious study in. Somehow, in recent years, the Book of Esther has gotten most of the publicity. Yet, if we were to identify just one book of the Bible whose contribution to the workings of the Church was invaluable, the Book of Nehemiah would stand out.

This 11-lesson Bible Study series will dig deep into the life and ministry of Nehemiah, the cupbearer who had unreserved access to the King. What leadership qualities that bring results can we learn from him? Each lesson is composed of in-depth but engaging guide questions to make the discussion more applicable in today’s context.


Here is the Outline for Nehemiah:

Lesson 1: An Introduction (Chapter 1)
Lesson 2:  A Plan Becomes Realized (2:1-20)
Lesson 3:  Builders of the Wall (3:1-32)
Lesson 4:  Opposition Arrives (4:1-23)
Lesson 5:  Attacks from Within (5:1-19)
Lesson 6:  The Opposition Gets Ugly (6:1-7:73)
Lesson 7: The Word of God Takes Center Stage (8:1-18)
Lesson 8:  Prayer Becomes the Focus (9:1-37)
Lesson 9:  A Covenant before God (9:38-10:39)
Lesson 10:  The City Secured and the Walls Dedicated (11:1-12:47)
Lesson 11:  Final Challenges (13:1-31)
Bonus: Chapter-by-Chapter Summary Handout pages.
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Max Frazier

Max Frazier, Buffalo Covenant Church, Buffalo, MN


Max has been the principal teacher and trainer of Village Schools of the Bible for a number of years. He is an Old Testament expert. He has led numerous tours to Israel, and is highly versed in the Hebrew language and culture. He currently serves as the Teaching Pastor at Buffalo Covenant Church. He is married and the father of three grown children. You can click here to find his excellently researched sermons and Bible studies.

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