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SermonBase ® Message Planning Software is a unique tool to help pastors to write, plan, organi ze, search, and report on their sermon series. It is a tool to help a church plan out its entire year (or more) of message series. It helps to coordinate the various service elements like dramas, videos, testimonies, and special music. It offers 21 distinct reports to keep track of every aspect of message planning for the local church.

What is a SermonBase Affiliate?

An Affiliate is an authorized representative of HighPower Resources who has permission to link to the SermonBase site, and will get credit for every sale made from your site. When someone clicks on the special link from your website, and makes a purchase of SermonBase, you will earn 30% of the purchase price. What’s more; if someone you refer to us becomes an Affiliate, you will earn an additional 10% from every sale that they make on our behalf.
The SermonBase Affiliate Program is an effortless money-making tool which you can incorporate into your website. If you would like to learn more and sign up as an affiliate, then click here to get your unique registration code.

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