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  • Check out the New Bible Gateway!
    Our sister site, Bible Gateway, just underwent a major update and so far the feedback has been great! Head over to the new site and check it out! If you’re interested, we’ve written up an overview of the major new features and improvements you’ll find at Bible Gateway. Most of these improvements are drawn directly […]
  • May 15 is Internet Evangelism Day
    Internet Evangelism Day (IE Day) is coming soon! If you’re not familiar with IE Day, it’s a Sunday each year when Christians are encouraged to think about and discuss the ways that the Gospel is and can be communicated through the vast and varied medium of the internet. This year, May 15 is designated as […]
  • Check out the New Bible Gateway!
    Our sister site, Bible Gateway, just announced a new and improved version! Read on for more details: Each month, millions of people visit Bible Gateway to engage with God’s Word. You might use Bible Gateway for your daily devotional reading, to prepare for Sunday School or a small group Bible study, to find inspiration in […]
  • Where do you draw the line between needs and wants?
    I’ve been thinking quite a bit about material possessions recently. In the Bible there’s a spectrum of wealth that ranges from the destitute (think the prophet out in the wilderness) to the opulent (think the kings). Both find favor in God, yet they live in vastly different economic conditions. There do seem to be certain […]
  • Is is time to rethink the tithe?
    With tax day right around the corner, it’s not surprising that finances—and in particular, tithing—is on people’s minds. Out of Ur is talking about this important, but often awkward to discuss, topic. In particular, they wonder if the notion of the traditional Christian tithe is due to be re-thought. The discussion springs from a CNN […]
  • Meditating on Scripture
    The pastor at my church has been carving out a few minutes at the end of his sermons for the past few weeks in order to walk us through meditating on a specific parable from the Bible. He slowly reads and rereads the passage out loud and walks us through a process of deeply reflecting […]
  • Getting to know your neighbors
    Over at The Gospel Coalition, Ben Stevens has written a thoroughly practical guide on getting to know your neighbors. His point—and it’s a good one—is that you must get to know your neighbors before you can love them as Jesus has called us to do: You cannot love your neighbor if you do not know […]
  • What traits have you appreciated in your pastors?
    I’ve always appreciated pastors who are willing to share their struggles and foibles with the congregation. By modeling humility they create an ethos of openness in the congregation. What about you? What traits have you admired in your pastors? Share your thoughts!
  • How can you best help the people of Japan in the aftermath of disaster?
    Are you considering a charitable donation to help relief and recovery efforts in Japan? Good for you—but while you do so, take a few minutes to think about where your donation will do the most good. That’s the message from the Givewell Blog, which cautions donors to be careful about donating to just any charity […]
  • What’s your favorite part of Creation?
    Up here in Michigan, the sun is finally starting to appear with a modicum of regularity. We’re sure to get hit with another snowfall—three years of living here has tempered my weather-based optimism—but until then, I plan to enjoy seeing all the friendly, happy faces out on the streets. With Spring on people’s minds, I […]

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