Number Name Description Download
39 1st Session First Session Questions to Introduce Coaching Download
40 Baseline Questions Personal assessment questions used at the start of a coaching relationship to determine priorities and initial goals. Download
4 Coaching Agreement The agreement I use with those whom I coach. Download
5 Coaching Session Feedback Form Guide for soliciting feedback from those being coached. Download
31 Coaching Session Form Standard form used for a coaching session Download
32 Coaching – Fast 15 Form Special form used for weekly priority check-up Download
6 Coaching Session Description Six-step process which I use for coaching sessions. Download
21 Statement of Faith HPR Doctrinal Statement Download
25 Learning Objectives HPR Objectives for Coaching Download
47 Personal Growth Coaching Plan A five-part discovery process for personal growth, based on teaching from Daniel Goleman in Primal Leadership. Download
38 Zero Session Intro Qs Q’s used to decide if coaching relationship will begin; precedes 1st session Q’s Download
2 Apprentice Idea Sheet Brainstorming sheet for identifying potential apprentices, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Download
37 Character Evaluation Tool Objective performance evaluation tool for character issues, based on guidelines from Dr. Henry Cloud in his book, Integrity. Download
26 Church Board Leadership Plan A suggested guideline of inventories, readings & seminars to help train new board members. Download
8 Leadership Development Track Very detailed action plans for leadership development at any church. Download
11 Description of a Discipled Person Five-stage development plan for growing disciples. Download
14 Personal Leadership Plan Very basic plan for personal development of leadership qualities. Download
48 Whack-a-Mole Time This is a lesson for staff development on investing staff time in activities which have a significant return in value. Download
1 Annual Goal Setting Worksheet Guide for setting priorities, writing SMART goals, and developing action plans. Download
44 Blue Sky Visioneering Exercises Five different sets of discussion questions to get people thinking about their mission. Download
36 Mid-course Evaluation Tool Used with the MAP, this guide helps to evaluate progress mid-way. Download
35 Ministry Action Plan (MAP) Comprehensive guide for annual ministry goal setting. Download
9 Ministry Description Standard fill-in-the-blank template for any ministry. Download
45 New Ministry Guide Fill-in-the-blank form to guide the start of new ministries, using Simple Church principles of Clarify, Movement, Alignment, & Focus. Download
15 Project Planner Worksheet asking basic questions to guide project planning. Download
20 Staff Evaluation Form Form to evaluate based on spiritual fruit, relationships, & leadership/administration skills. Download
23 Values Assessment Brief questionnaire to surface hidden values on a board or team. Download
41 Visioneering Cycle An example of a 21-month Vision Planning Cycle process Download
30 Weekly Action Planning Form Determine actions & set priorities Download
12 Divine Design Personal Ministry Profile Worksheet for guiding a person to self-discovery and faithful service. Download
34 Personal Retreat Day Guide Guidelines on having a great Personal Retreat Day, setting goals, actions, etc. View
16 Seven LifeGoals for LifeChange Worksheet for developing life goals and mission statement. Download
22 Testimony Guide How to write or share your personal testimony. Download
27 Time Analysis – Weekly Worksheet to help individuals look at both Results & Satisfaction in their time usage. Download
33 Time Analysis – Monthly Worksheet to prioritize and eliminate unnecessary monthly activities. Download
24 Wedding Elements Guide to help couples develop their own wedding service. Download
46 Sermon Goals Planner Interactive questions to help define the purpose of the Message and how it relates to the Series. (This is also available in the SermonBase Message Planning Software.) Download
29 Sermon Critique Form Simple one page evaluation tool to give objective feedback on both a sermon’s Content as well as Delivery. Download
3 Apprenticeship Plan: Small Group Leader Action steps for small group leadership training. Download
7 Small Group Communion Training Guidelines for small group leaders who want to do communion in their groups. Download
13 Group Covenant Guide to help small group leaders establish group goals & expectations. Download
17 SG1 The Great Commission & Small Groups study guide Download
18 SG2 Small Groups in the Bible study guide Download
19 SG10 How to Find & Train an Apprentice study guide Download


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