How Coaching has helped others with:

Life Coaching:

What I really appreciate about Dr. Bill´s mentoring is the increase I´ve seen in discipline. Having someone to check up on me every month has kept me accountable to becoming a more disciplined man in all areas of my life.

I´ve also seen relatively major gains in terms of prayer and growing closer to my spouse. This was something I wanted to work on and Dr. Bill helped me clarify what it is I wanted and helped me practically achieve my goals.

If it hadn´t been for Dr. Bill as my coach, I doubt I would have accomplished1/3 of everything I planned on getting done over the past six months. I´m the type of person who needs structure and accountability to get things done. Dr. Bill has provided that way beyond what I initially expected. I am very satisfied with the services he´s provided.

— Keith Brooks, Scarborough, Ontario


From a Christian Coach who was just getting started, moving from the corporate world:

I was new just out of life coach training certification. I was trying to build an on line website and get my coaching practice of the ground. Bill was able to keep me focused on a weekly basis by asking powerful questions and recommending additional training and reading material for new coaches. This was exactly what I needed at that time.

What I discovered was that as a Christian coach it was important to follow the Holy Spirit, to ask for God’s wisdom and fellowship with the body of Christ to confirm God’s voice. I was able to Hear God well during our coaching calls and during my weekly assignments that we agreed on.


— Ken Cobbs, Chicago


From the president of a manufacturing company:

I´ve only ever read a few business books that I have found practical, but the two you lent me are probably the most useful I´ve ever read. I have already dropped our regular staff meeting (“once a week . . . two or three hours of randomly focused discussion”) in favor of a weekly one hour updates-only meeting and a weekly strategy meeting for discussing and resolving critical business issues.

And next week we will meet to set our thematic goal for next year, with defining objectives. This whole concept fits in extremely well with me because, having done turnarounds, I am used to having a thematic goal (survival!). Now I have a method to create that same urgency and focusing approach in a less critical environment. This approach will (1) make sure everyone gets their heads out of the details once in a while to see the forest instead of the trees, (2) provide a focus to keep reminding each manager where they should be investing their resources, (3) help us move our planning horizons from 1-2 minutes (firefighting) to 3-4 weeks, and (4) eliminate the silo thinking that one of our managers in particular has.

Team Leadership:

Dr. Bill Miller has been an invaluable help and coach who has enriched my life and ministry. I highly recommend him to you. You will truly benefit, as I have, from his knowledge, resourcefulness, insights, organizational skills, discipleship and leadership development experience, and church growth expertise. Recently I had a question about staffing that Dr. Bill was able to answer and point me toward practical training materials. A wise ministry leader seeks out a coach like Dr. Bill who will ask good questions, listen and understand, and help re-think and resource for greater ministry effectiveness. I thank the Lord for Dr. Bill´s wisdom and consistent phone appointments and e-mails which encourage and enrich me.

– Dr. Lou Diaz, Evangelical Free Church of Chico, CA


Hello Dr. Bill,

I just wanted to thank you for your coaching help in several different areas of ministry. As the church chairman I lead our church council meetings, our congregational business meetings as well as teach two small groups. Your insight and exegesis are very helpful and it is great to have a coach to go to “bounce” ideas off of. It does not matter how long any of us have served in ministry, we all get stumped from time to time, and your coaching always helps me. Thank you for making me a better leader/ teacher in my church. But more importantly, thank you for helping me be a more effective ambassador for Jesus Christ.

Serving Him,
Gary Monn
Church Chairman
Willowbrook Community Church
Forest Lake, MN

Life Mission Statements:

Here are some actual personal Mission Statements that people have developed using the“Life Goals” guide from HighPower Resources and coached by Dr. Bill:

  • “To use my God-given creativity and teaching to bring others to Christ” (Bruce, a church leader)
  • Or, from Monica, a young mom,
    “To teach God’s truths for practical use in everyday life.”
  • A church staff person:
    “To train, equip, inspire and mobilize God’s people so that we can work together to serve Jesus in amazing ways.”
  • From an empty-nester:
    “To maximize my life for God by concentrating on spiritual growth, self-improvement and goal-setting.”
  • From a single mom, Angela:
    “My life mission is to forever follow the Lord’s will for my life. I will not settle for less than what the Lord wants for me or my children.”


What is significant about these statements? 

Because these people are PLANNING TO LIVE INTENTIONALLY. They know where they want to go because they have defined the big picture.
YOU could do that to.

WHY use a Ministry Coach?
HOW does it work?
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