Coaching for Spiritual Development


Learning how to effectively coach is one of the greatest skills needed for effective discipleship. Too often discipleship efforts stall out because the person who is being ´discipled´ doesn´t own his/her own spiritual development. The ´discipler´ is trying their best, but that is the problem: they are doing all the work, and the disciplee is not. This coaching seminar will help you understand the purposes and goals of coach/mentoring discipleship:

This seminar has four lessons in it: View the free Student Notes
1. Coaching for Excellence – An Introduction Download
2. Coaching for Spiritual Development Download
3. Coaching – Getting Started Download
4. Coaching -Securing Commitment Download

The entire downloadable seminar includes:

  • Coaching Intro – Teacher Notes (.doc format)
  • Coaching Intro – Student Fill-in-the-blank Notes (.pdf or .doc format)
  • Coaching Intro – Presentation File (.ppt & .keynote)
  • Coaching for Spiritual Development – Teacher Notes (.doc format)
  • Coaching for Spiritual Development – Student Fill-inthe-blank Notes (.pdf & .doc format)
  • Coaching – Getting Started – Teacher Notes (.doc format)
  • Coaching – Getting Started – Student Fill-in-the-blank Notes (.doc and .pdf format)
  • Coaching – Securing Commitment – Teacher notes (.doc format)
  • Coaching – Securing Commitment – Student Fill-in-theblank Notes (.pdf & .doc format)

Cost: $25 for entire seminar in .zip file and the downloadable .pdf´s.

BUY the complete “Introduction to Coaching” seminar-in-a-box for $25.

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