Bill’s Seminars

Here’s what others have said about Dr. Bill Miller’s seminars:

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List of Churches for whom I’ve done seminars

“This was my first time and I thought it was great.”

“Bill did a fine job.  Good facilitator.  Very organized and paced.”

“Very helpful and worthwhile.”  — Larry Mix, Elder, EvFree Church

“Excellent seminar”  — Ron L.

“I feel motivated to go back to my local church and develop a more concise vision with others using the foundations already in place.” — Jerry Norman, Elder, EvFree Church

“Great job, Bill!  Thanks for application to large as well as small church.”  — from a Pastor

“I appreciated Bill’s ability to field questions & willingness to interact with attendees.”

“Bill is definitely enthusiastic about what he is teaching.”

“Bill has great credibility because he is using the principles in a church setting.”

“Bill is good!  He calls for participation from members.  It was an interactive class.”

“Great seminar!  Lots to think and pray about!  A good look at how Christ ministered and how a church can model that to reach others.”

“Well done, documented, and worthwhile.  Thank you very much and may God continue to bless your ministry.”

“I was really challenged by Bill’s comment about making a list of things we won’t do as a church (doing a few things).”

“Very stimulating.  Very Biblical”

“Very pleased we came as a group of leaders from our church – 7 of us.”
— David Reisenbigler, Elder, Erie EvFree Church

“Bill did an excellent job communicating the principles of growing a healthy church.”  — Youth Pastor

“Bill presented in a wonderful mix of information, Biblical foundation and personal testimony.  He included the group’s ideas in all discussions.  Thanks.”  — Parish Nurse

“Bill did an excellent job.  Good communicator.”  — Senior Pastor

“Bill did a very good job — well done!” –Love, Mom

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