Age of Rage

Age of Rage Sermon Series

“Struggling For Peace In An Age of Rage”

Sermon Series

This is a seven-week sermon series to help you experience peace in your heart and soul even in the midst of a deadly, dangerous, and chaotic world. The Series was originally developed to help people to understand and deal with the 9-11 attacks on the United States. This Series will inspire peace in your heart, not fear. Text references for each sermon come from different books in the Bible that deal with how God’s people can find victory over fear, anger, violence, hopelessness and despair.

Every purchase includes the following elements:

  • Sermon
  • Fill-in-the-blank notes
  • PPT or PPT notes.

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1 Is There Really Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself? – Romans 8:31
2 If God Is So Good, Why Do Bad Things Happen? – 1 Peter 4:19
3 Can I Ever Feel Safe In This Violent Age? – Proverbs 18:10
4 Isn’t Revenge Justified In A World Gone Mad? – Exodus 20:13
5 What Should I Do With My Anger? – 1 Timothy 2:8
6 Why Are People So Filled With Hate? – 2 Corinthians 4:4
7 How Can I Be Grateful In Times of Crisis? – 1 Thessalonians 5:18


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